Turn2us calls for urgent action on child poverty


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Claire Atchia McMaster, Director of Income and External Affairs commented:  

“Every day, children across the UK are stripped of their potential. The stark reality is laid bare by new research for the End Child Poverty Coalition: two-thirds of constituencies see at least a quarter of their children drowning in poverty, a situation exacerbated by the current two-child limit and benefit cap, revealed through new research from Loughborough University. 

“Turn2us, as part of the Coalition, calls upon all political parties to abolish the two-child limit without delay. Beyond the staggering economic toll of child poverty - over £39 billion each year - every day, children's dreams are crushed under the weight of poverty. 

“The social security system must be grounded in compassion and informed by the real experiences of those it aims to support. The upcoming General Election presents a pivotal moment for change to offer genuine, robust support for our struggling families and enable children across the UK to thrive.” 

#LetsGetTheSystemWorking and rebuild the social security system so that it serves everyone who needs it. 

The End Child Poverty Coalition is made up of 120 organisations including child welfare groups, social justice groups, faith groups, trade unions and others. Together with a group of Youth Ambassadors, members campaign for a UK free of child poverty. Further information on the Coalition can be found here:

The full report ‘Local indicators of child poverty after housing costs, 2022/23’ as well as tables with Constituency and Local Authority data and further information can be found here: