Turn2us comments on the UN report on UK poverty



Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive at Turn2us, said:

“The United Nations report on poverty in the UK is a shocking reminder that austerity is destroying futures of so many of us - across the country.  Without enough money to feed our families, travel to work, pay for our utilities, we cannot thrive and contribute to our communities, and children will grow up without opportunities.

“Like many other charities and organisations committed to the eradication of poverty, there is a great deal of concern that policy makers have ignored this message before. 

“The people who have to come to charities like us for support don’t care about the political bickering between the UN and the Government. They don’t care about how poverty is measured. They just want to be able to put food on the table, access welfare support, should they need it, so that they can live with dignity and be able to build a future.

“We hope that this report from Dr Alston will serve as a wakeup call to the Government. We need to see bold and swift action – fix Universal Credit, end the benefits freeze and cap, and abolish the Two-child Limit now.