Turn2us completes project working with local charities but warns hundreds of thousands are still in poverty



Comic Relief backed project comes towards an end in the North East after training over 900 staff at local organisations.

National poverty charity Turn2us is in the final stages of delivering its project with local organisations to help improve the lives of people around the region in poverty. Despite the project’s success at upskilling staff through their resources, they have raised concerns on behalf of thousands of people who are still facing financial difficulty.

The charity has been working on a project specifically targeting the region, which has been funded by Comic Relief since March 2015. The project looks to equip individuals to support people they help using Turn2us resources, which include a Benefits Calculator, a Grants Search and a Helpline which is targeted towards those who are digitally excluded. 

With almost 1 in 4 people (600,000) being sucked into poverty in the region, Turn2us believes more work needs to be done to help people find support.

Debby Mulling, Head of Engagement Turn2us, who leads the team delivering the project, said:

“As we come towards the end of our funding, we are still extremely concerned of the financial wellbeing of many residents in the North East of the country. Research has shown that many of the most deprived areas of this country come from this region."

"We are hopeful that the 900+ staff that we have trained through the duration of the project will continue to provide amazing support for those in poverty at a local level but we need a joined up approach from local authorities to help stem the current of low wages, shrinking welfare support and high rents that continue to drag people further into financial hardship.”

The project is due to be end at the end of March 2019 but the charity is keen to continue its work in the region supporting the vulnerable as well as providing extended support for those who may be digitally excluded through its free helpline (0808 802 2000).