Turn2us launches new fund to help people deal with financial hardship caused by life-changing events



National poverty charity Turn2us has set up a new fund to help people deal with the financial hardship caused by life-changing events. With millions of people seeking help from Turn2us each year, the charity is keenly aware how a life-changing event such as bereavement, job loss or illness, can cause financial hardship. It also knows that targeted support can assist people in meeting the challenges of dealing with these situations. To help people cope with such difficulties, it has launched the Turn2us Response Fund to support people who have had a life-changing event in the previous 12 months from when they apply.

Grants will be provided for specific needs which are essential to financial stability, wellbeing, independence, and to maintain normal daily living. The Turn2us Response Fund will accept applications for support from anyone in financial hardship who meets the eligibility criteria of the fund.

Applications to the Turn2us Response Fund must be made through one of the charity’s intermediary partners, who will check that an individual is eligible to apply to the fund and then complete an application. 

Alison Taylor, Director of Turn2us Operations, explains why the charity is setting up a new fund:

“We see on a daily basis the devastating effects that a life-changing event such as job loss, bereavement, or long term ill health, can have on an individual or family’s income in a short space of time and the turmoil this can cause. We are setting up this new charitable fund to help people when they need it most – and before there is a downwards spiral from which it can be hard to climb up from. Through providing timely and compassionate financial support, we want to assist people as they move on and improve their situation”.

The new Turn2us Response Fund will sit alongside the charity's core fund, the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund, which has been providing grants to professional people in need for over 120 years. The Turn2us Response Fund is the first fund that Turn2us has set up since it created the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund in 1897.

The charity also manages a further seven funds giving direct financial help to individuals and provides a Grants Search tool to enable people to seek support from over 3,000 charitable funds across the UK and Ireland, and an easy-to-use Turn2us Benefits Calculator.

Find out more information about the Turn2us Response Fund