Turn2us responds to announcement of DWP Back to Work Plan


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Thomas Lawson, CEO of national anti-poverty charity Turn2us, says: 

"The Government is undermining the positive aspects of this plan by putting such a strong emphasis on the punishments people will receive if they don’t find work within the stricter parameters being set. 

"If they are serious about getting people back into long-term sustainable work they need to improve trust with the people who could benefit most from the support on offer. 

"People who contact Turn2us tell us the welfare system already feels punitive. The Government's own evidence shows sanctions don’t work, so why is it increasing the use of them? Widespread research shows sanctions worsen people’s mental health problems and plunge families, including children, into more severe hardship. 

"If the Government wants to succeed in supporting people and families who will be most affected by this plan, an approach of far more understanding, dignity and respect is the way forward."