Turn2us responds to 9% inflation rise



Michael Clarke, Head of Information Programmes at Turn2us, says:

“Inflation rising to 9% will no doubt cause huge concern and worry for people across the UK who are already struggling to afford the essentials. Many of us are already cutting back on energy usage and even turning to food banks to get by. The reality is, this increase is going to plunge thousands more people into financial insecurity and those on the lowest incomes will be unable to afford the basics needed to live. 

"Intervention is urgently needed to catch people before they fall into crisis in the months to come because our social security system should be able to provide the protection to weather this storm. The government must act as a matter of priority and ensure that as a minimum, benefit levels are increased to meet the true cost of living and they assess their own practices of benefit deductions so that money is not taken away from people at a time where they need it most.”