Turn2us responds to Budget 2020



David Samson, Welfare Benefit Specialist at Turn2us, said:

“One in five people in the UK live in poverty; and many of today’s Budget announcements go some way in acknowledging this.

“We welcome policies to protect low income workers from missing out on pay due to coronavirus, increases in the national living wage and the abolishment of the tampon tax.

“However, if the government is serious about tackling inequality, it would have ended the five week wait for Universal Credit; restored the value of benefits with an above-inflation rise; and ensured all local authorities provide crisis support through local welfare assistance schemes as a matter of course. These recommended policies would go much further to improve the day to day lives of people who don’t have enough money to live on; and are the practical steps they are asking for.

“We want to work with the Government to lift people out of poverty, strengthen our welfare safety net and enable all our communities to thrive.”