Turn2us responds to Budget 2021



Thomas Lawson, chief executive at Turn2us, said: “There is much in this budget that those of us struggling with money will welcome; especially the extension of the furlough scheme, expanding the Self-Employed Support Scheme, and the rise in the National Living Wage. However, the decision to only extend the Universal Credit uplift for six months will have far reaching consequences for those of us dependent on this income. Especially the half a million families who are expected to fall into poverty as a result – directly challenging the governments own commitment to levelling up.

“Our social security system has endured years of cuts, freezes and austerity. The £20 uplift went someway to making up this shortfall, but is still significantly less than people received a decade ago. Today our government could have taken the opportunity to fundamentally and permanently make our social security system fit for purpose. We will now continue to work in partnership to make the case that the £20 uplift should both be made permanent, and extended to legacy benefits. Only then will we be able to see a full financial recovery which leaves no one behind.”