Turn2us responds to Buttle UK’s ‘Chances for Children’ research



Thomas Lawson, Chief Executive of Turn2us said:

“As a charity that is ambitious in the fight against poverty, we welcome the Buttle UK’s research into what life is really like for children growing up in destitution. The insight from frontline support workers highlights glaring inequalities that exist in our society and which are having a huge impact on families; and particularly children.

"The statistics show that even affording the basics, such as food, household items, fuel or clothing, is difficult for many families; with some having to survive without the necessities.  This echoes the messages we receive from people accessing support through our own services, in the last year 2.3 million completed a benefits calculation on our website or through our helpline, which is a 29% increase from the previous year. 

"We want to help create a society where families are thriving and would support further research into the impact poverty is having on families. While the fight for a more equitable society continues, we urge those struggling to seek help through charitable grants before resorting to other high cost alternatives.”