Turn2us responds to the recent government sanctions announcement



Anna Stevenson, Senior Welfare Benefits Specialist at Turn2us, says:

“Pushing people into any job with the threat of losing money from benefit sanctions is a poor policy decision. At a time where benefit levels are failing to meet people’s rising cost of living, cutting their income further through sanctions is unlikely to prove effective in enabling people to find the right jobs to thrive. Helping people into work should be a positive step but it’s vital that people are not pushed into employment that is inappropriate for them or their personal circumstances which may relate to ill-health or disabilities.

“The government must reassess its decision and implement more effective policies, such as affordable and accessible childcare, in order to remove the barriers that prevent a lot people - disproportionally women - from getting back into work. Now is the time for our government to strengthen the social security system so people can afford to put food on the table, look after their families and ultimately thrive."