Turn2us responds to Two Child Limit statistics



In response to the Department for Work and Pensions' (DWP's) statistics on the two child limit, Jamie Grier, Director of Development at Turn2us, said:

“Almost 71,000 families and 200,000 children have been affected by the Two Child Limit so far – each family losing up to £2,780 a year.

“We are still contacted by parents, the majority of whom are in-work, fretting over whether this policy means they might consider terminating their pregnancy.

“At a time where child poverty is already soaring upwards, this policy has been directly linked to exacerbating the number of children suffering in the UK.

“A third child is worth no more or no less than a first or second born, and in a time of high rents and low wages we need to see support extended to families who need financial help, not snatched away.”