Turn2us' response to the Queen's Speech June 2014



Responding to the Queen’s Speech, Alison Taylor, Director of Turn2us commented:

“We welcome some of the measures outlined in the Queen’s Speech to help working families. With 57% of low income workers telling us that their financial situation has worsened in the last year, it is clear more urgently needs to be done - and further increasing the personal tax allowance and ensuring free school meals for all infants is a step in the right direction.

Childcare costs

The announcement of support for childcare costs is promising, especially for families struggling on low incomes. We regularly hear from parents that their wages simply don’t come close to covering their high childcare costs. However, it is essential that this new scheme works in partnership with Universal Credit to prevent further complication of the system and ensure that those families that need help receive it.

Minimum wage

It is also encouraging that more will be done to ensure that all employees receive the minimum wage, and we hope that the legislation to improve the fairness of contracts for low paid workers will provide more stable job opportunities.

Benefits bill

The speech reminded us today that the benefits bill will continue to be capped and this is undoubtedly concerning to the millions of people working on low incomes, not able to work due to illness, and those with disabilities for whom welfare benefits are a vital lifeline.

A huge 85% of current claimants in work told us that welfare benefits have had a positive impact on their lives, helping with their housing costs, bills and even avoiding debt. It’s therefore crucial that the help outlined for working families does not come at the expense of cutting support in other ways, and that people in need do not bear the brunt of cuts, so that the government delivers on its promise of building a ‘fairer society’.

Use Turn2us resources to find help

With any positive effects of the measures unlikely to be felt for some time, anyone who is struggling today can use our free tools and information at to see if they can access any financial help.”