Turn2us's response to the mini-budget 2022



Michael Clarke, Head of Information Programmes at national poverty charity, Turn2us, said:

“Across the UK, we are seeing a staggering rise in the number of people crumbling by the soaring cost-of-living. Today, the Chancellor said people need to know help is coming. But his announcement fell far short of helping put money into the pockets of people who need it most. We need measures that go beyond tax cuts. Simply asking people to cut back on spending when there’s nothing to cut back on is not a solution for the people we support.

“We know action on energy bills will provide some reassurance for people this winter, but the lack of targeted support in this announcement is something you cannot ignore. Furthermore, the introduction of a new punitive policy aimed at part-time workers on benefits will no doubt cause significant distress and impact people’s mental and physical wellbeing during what is already a difficult time. Helping people into stable and secure work which is suitable should be a positive step. However, the government must implement more effective policies, such as affordable and accessible childcare, to remove the barriers that prevent people - disproportionally women and caregivers - from getting back into work full-time.

“With the weight of the cost-of-living crisis pushing more people into the red, more must be done in the long-term to reform our economy and to stop the growing inequalities in our society. Benefits must be uprated as a matter of urgency so people struggling with their finances can benefit from increased payments over the winter. We also need to see growth in real wages across the economy, moving people out of in-work poverty and towards greater financial security. The government has the power to introduce measures which allow people to live with dignity – we urge them to go further and ensure that all of us will be able to keep warm, fed and with a roof over our heads this winter.”