UK social mobility hampered by Covid-19



Over two-thirds of people (70%) say that the coronavirus has limited social mobility and life opportunities in the UK, according to new survey from poverty charity, Turn2us.

In addition to this, more than one in two people (63%) think the virus has increased the gap between social classes.

The data highlights a significant problem for the government’s ‘levelling-up’ agenda, with a number of young people having seen their plans for progressing scuppered by the coronavirus:

  • 36% of people aged 18-24 had their plans to save up for a deposit on a house negatively affected by the virus
  • 28% of people aged 18-24 had their plans to go to university negatively affected by the virus
  • 36% of people aged 18-24 had their plans to leave their parental home negatively affected by the coronavirus

Sara Willcocks, Head of External Affairs at Turn2us, said:

“The Prime Minister can be in absolutely no doubt about the momentous task he faces in ‘levelling-up’ left behind areas of the UK. The faith many voters placed in him to deliver improved regional equality seems to be at serious risk.

“The coronavirus has clearly had a significant impact on social mobility and the government must invest in opportunities and remove barriers if it is serious about giving everyone a fair opportunity to thrive in life. We urge Number 10 to reverse the planned cut to Universal Credit in September if they want to reverse this worrying trend.”

Turn2us is a national poverty charity which provides grants, support and information to people facing financial insecurity in the face of a life changing event. The charity is calling on the government to provide immediate financial support to people who will need time to recover from the pandemic. This includes:

  • Keeping the £20 uplift to Universal Credit and extending it to legacy benefits
  • Investing in Local Welfare Assistance Schemes
  • Increasing child benefit by at least £10 per child per week