Covid-19 Response Programme: Evaluation Report



In 2021, Turn2us launched a collaborative Covid-19 Response Programme along with six community organisations.

In 2022, we looked back and evaluated the delivery and execution of the programme.

Programme overview 

  • From April to August 2021, the Covid-19 Response Programme distributed 954 grants. 
  • In total, the programme distributed £723,301, giving on average £758 per grant. 
  • 84% of the grants were given to women, 39% of whom were Black African, and 34% of whom were Bangladeshi. 
  • 16% went to men, 21% of whom were Bangladeshi. 18% were White British, and 15% were Black African. 

Our programme aims 

In the Covid-19 Response Programme Evaluation Report, we evaluate the programme against our four main programme aims. The aims were as follows:

  • Deepen our understanding of the financial issues faced by people who are worst affected by Covid-19 and the most effective responses.
  • By working together, improve financial outcomes and wellbeing for those worst affected by Covid-19, including women and young people, with a particular focus on people from Bangladeshi, Black African and other minoritised ethnic communities.
  • Increase people’s awareness of, and access to, government financial entitlements. Learn about whether and how, by working together, we can better support people in financial difficulty.
  • Learn about whether and how, by working together, we can deepen our impact on people in financial difficulty.

In the Report

Explore the Programme: Learn what we did and how we did it, and delve into the design and structure of the Covid-19 Response Programme.  

Read our evaluation: join us as we reflect on the design and implementation of this Programme and evaluate it against our four key aims.  

Browse our recommendations for funding organisations. From placing community-based organisations at the centre of decision making to issuing non-conditional cash grants, find out what to consider when issuing emergency grants.  

Download the Covid-19 Response Programme evaluation