Thank you for clicking on our Facebook advert


This was a test advert, where we advertise different hypothetical events to see what our audience is interested in.

Unfortunately, that means the event you clicked on doesn’t exist – yet! But, thanks to your click it might do in the future. Read below to find out more.

How does this test help the charity?

The test works by suggesting lots of ideas we would like to investigate to our supporters through Facebook adverts. We can then see which adverts our supporters are clicking on to register. Using this technique, we can test lots of ideas and different ways of doing things quickly and effectively. It helps us to understand what you, our amazing supporters, are most interested in as a group.

We hope you don’t mind! Your click has been very helpful and means we will only create the activities and fundraising opportunities which you want to see. This means we can be as effective as possible in how we raise funds to support our work, so we can get closer to making financial security a reality for all. Thank you.

Please get in touch with for more information or if you would like to fundraise for us. We would love to have you on our team!