Using the Benefits Calculator


Gather up the information you need before you start using the Benefit Calculator

Before you start, make sure you have all the information you need to do a benefits check.


The calculator will ask you a series of questions across no more than five steps to gather the information needed to work out your possible benefits entitlement.

The questions may have answer options to choose from or may have an empty box for you to input your answer.

Be as accurate as possible and answer all the questions, so we can give you the best possible estimate. The calculator will quickly build up a picture of your possible benefits entitlement.

Help text

If you do need help with any question you’ll find clear instructions and support by clicking on the '?' icon next to that question.


If you answer all the questions as accurately as possible the calculator will quickly build up a picture of your possible benefits entitlement.

It calculates entitlement to means-tested benefits and Carer's Allowance.

It doesn't calculate non-means tested benefits and contributory benefits. However, we include these in the results if you’re getting them.

The results page will tell you which means-tested benefits and Tax Credits you may be entitled to, how much you may receive and how to make a claim.

Claiming benefits

You should make a claim for any benefits that it suggests you might be entitled to.

There will be a 'How to Claim' button under any benefits that the calculator suggests you might be able to claim. Click this to see information about how to claim the benefit.

Check benefit entitlement

Find out what means-tested benefits you might be entitled to, including tax credits.

Use the Benefits Calculator