Getting Into Work - England - Work Schemes and Help

Looking for work or working? See what help may be available to you through national and local employment services and schemes.

Last reviewed 08 September 2023

England - Work Schemes and Help

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Finding a job

Jobs schemes

There are a range of government schemes to help people get into or back into work. Talk to your work coach about whether any of these schemes are running in your area.

Sector Based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) - this gives you training, work experience and a guaranteed interview with a local employer. It is available to anyone in England or Scotland who is getting JSA, Universal Credit or ESA.


Plan for Jobs 

Under the government's Plan for Jobs, you can study for a free qualification if you are 19 or over and do not already have a level 3 qualification (equivalent to an advanced technical certificate or diploma, or A levels) or higher, you can access a free qualification.

See free courses for jobs for more information and eligibility criteria.

There are other courses available for free to adults even if you do have qualifications equivalent to A Levels.

Travel Costs

National schemes

See Transport Costs National Schemes

Local schemes

Local transport companies may offer free travel or discounted travel schemes for people looking for work. We have highlighted a few schemes below to give you an idea of what may be available. Check with your Jobcentre Plus advisor/work coach what is available in your area.


Transport for London (TfL) offer discounted travel on bus and tube to people with a Jobcentre Plus Discount Rail Card

If you are an apprentice in your first year, you can get discounted travel with an Apprentice Oyster Photocard.

There are other discounted travel cards available, for instance if you are over 60 or an Armed Forces veteran.

See the Transport for London website for more information.

Greater Anglia

Under its Job Track Scheme, Greater Anglia offer free tickets to interviews and two months free travel once you start a job.


C2c have a Jobstart scheme which offers free tickets to interviews and free travel for the first two months working. Access is through your local Jobcentre Plus adviser.


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