New State Pension - How do I challenge a New State Pension decision?

New State Pension is money paid to people who reach State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016.

How do I challenge a New State Pension decision?

If you are unhappy with a decision about your New State Pension, then you can find out the reasons for it, or ask that it is changed. 

Any decision about your New State Pension will be sent to you by letter. The date at the top of the letter is the decision date, which you need to know if you want to challenge the decision.

If you do not understand a decision, you can ask for an explanation. You can request a written statement of reasons by contacting the using the details in the decision letter.

If you think a decision is wrong, you can challenge it and ask the DWP to change it. You must do this within a strict time limit, usually one month from the date of the decision.

You can read more about challenging decisions in our Challenging Department for Work and Pensions benefits decisions guide

If you need help to understand a decision or to get it changed, you can use our Find an Advisor tool to find a benefits adviser near you. 


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