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If your partner is in prison you may be eligible for benefits to help you financially. If you are already claiming benefits, some of these might change to reflect your new circumstances.

Last reviewed 02 April 2023

Child benefits - Partner in prison

If your partner was claiming Child Benefit for a child you now have responsibility for, they can transfer the claim to you.

If you were living with your partner and child as a household and your partner went to prison, the Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit will end and you will need to claim Universal Credit. 

If your child was living with your partner as a household and you were in a separate household, and your child is now moving in with you because your partner is now in prison:

  • you can add your child on your tax credits if you're already claiming or 
  • you may have to claim Universal Credit if you're not on tax credits.

If you are already claiming Universal Credit you should update your journal to report your change of circumstances. If you have not been claiming Universal Credit you will need to make a new claim. Use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator to check your entitlement.


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