Scottish Welfare Fund - What is the Scottish Welfare Fund?

The Scottish Welfare Fund can give grants to people on low incomes living in Scotland.

Last reviewed 19 July 2023

What is the Scottish Welfare Fund?

The Scottish Welfare Fund is made up of two types of grants which do not have to be repaid:

  • Crisis Grants

  • Community Care Grants.

Crisis Grants

Crisis grants can be given to people to cover the costs of an emergency, such as:

  • A fire or flood

  • Needing to move away from domestic abuse

  • An unexpected change at work

  • Taking on responsibility for a child who needs your help.

Community Care Grants

Community Care Grants are for people who need a bit of help to be able to live independently.

They can be awarded to help:

  • People leaving care facilities or prison to pay to set up their new home

  • People who might need to go into a care facility if they don't get some help

  • People setting up home in the community when they have been homeless

  • Families facing a lot of pressure and who don't have enough money to pay for the things they need to keep their children safe and secure

  • People who are caring for a prisoner or young offender on release on temporary licence.

  • People who are escaping from domestic abuse

  • People who need money to protect a child's health..

Applies to: Scotland

Age rules: You must be aged 16 or over

Type of benefit: Means-tested

Administered by: Local authorities


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