Statutory Shared Parental Pay - How do I make a claim?

If you and your partner are expecting a child, you can choose to share some of your parental leave and pay.

How do I make a claim?

Statutory Shared Parental Pay (SSPP) is claimed from and paid by an employer.

This means that in most cases, both partners will need to tell their employer that they want to use Shared Parental Leave and Pay. 

  • Ask if your employer has a form they need you to use to tell them you want to use Shared Parental Leave and Pay

You can only start (SPL) or (SSPP) once the child has been born or placed for adoption and the person getting adoption leave or pay does one of the following:

  • Ends any maternity or adoption leave by returning to work

  • Gives their employer ‘binding notice’ (a decision that can’t normally be changed) of the date when they plan to end any maternity or adoption leave.

An employer must be given written notice which must be at least eight weeks before the date that you want to start SPL or SSPP. You can give notice for leave and pay at the same time if you’re eligible to get both.

You can book up to three separate blocks of Shared Parental Leave instead of taking it all in one go, even if you aren’t sharing the leave with your partner.

You must tell your employer about your plans for leave when you apply. You can change your mind later about your plans or how much Shared Parental Leave or Statutory Shared Parental Pay you plan to take and when you want to take it. You must give notice of any changes at least eight weeks before the start of any leave.

Reviewed June 2022


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