Sure Start Maternity Grant - How do I claim a Sure Start Maternity Grant?

A Sure Start Maternity Grant is a one-off payment to help with the costs of having a new baby

Last reviewed 25 September 2023

How do I claim a Sure Start Maternity Grant?

In England and Wales

Download a Sure Start Maternity Grant claim form from the website - you will need access to a printer.

Or call the Sure Start helpline on 0800 169 0140 to order a form (including if you need the form in braille or large print).

The website also allows you to claim using BSL and offers a Relay UK service, among other formats. 


In Northern Ireland

Contact your local Social Security/Jobs and Benefits Office for a claim form

Print out and fill in a Sure Start Maternity Grant claim form on the NI Direct website.

What documents will I need to claim a Sure Start Maternity Grant?

You will need to provide evidence of the pregnancy or childbirth from a health professional (such as aa doctor or midwife). They can either:

  • fill in a form MAT B1
  • write a statement confirming your pregnancy or childbirth

If you are close to the deadline for claiming the grant, you can send in the form without evidence from a healthcare professional, then send the evidence later.

What is the deadline for claiming a grant?

You can claim from the eleventh week before the baby is due and up to six months after the baby is born.

If you are adopting a child the claim must be made within six months of the date of the adoption.


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