Travel costs: Disabled people and carers - Car: Blue Badge Parking Permit

If you are disabled or are a carer you may be entitled to help with transport costs

Car: Blue Badge Parking Permit

What does a Blue Badge mean?

The Blue Badge Parking Permit allows people who qualify for the scheme – as a driver or a passenger – to park close to where they need to go. It also provides exemption from some tolls at river crossings, bridges and tunnels as well as the London Congestion Charge and some Clean Air Zone charges - although in most cases you have to apply in advance to qualify. It can also be used in some European Union countries.

The scheme is available throughout the UK but it is slightly different in the different countries of the UK. There are different rules about who can get a Blue Badge and different rules about where a Blue Badge allows you to park.

There are also restrictions in the following London boroughs, which have their own concessions:

  • City of London
  • City of Westminster
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Part of the London Borough of Camden.

Can I get a Blue Badge?

There are different rules on who can get a Blue Badge depending on what country of the UK you live in.

England's rules

Scotland's rules

Wales' rules

Northern Ireland's rules

How do I apply?

England, Wales, Scotland

You can apply for a Blue Badge online on the website.

Northern Ireland

You can apply for a Blue Badge online on the nidirect website.

Blue Badges are free in Wales. In England and Northern Ireland they cost £10 and in Scotland they cost £20.


Reviewed: July 2022


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