Universal Credit (UC) - Do I need to claim Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a means-tested benefit for people of working-age who are on a low income.

Last reviewed 29 November 2023

Do I need to claim Universal Credit?

If you are already claiming any of the benefits that Universal Credit replaces, you can carry on getting your benefits. If you have any change of circumstances that means your existing claims for these benefits ends, you won’t be able to make new claims for any of the benefits Universal Credit replaces.

No one has to make a claim for Universal Credit. However, you might find that a change of circumstances means you need help that is now provided through Universal Credit.

If you have had a change of circumstances, you should speak to an adviser to find out whether this means you should make a claim for Universal Credit.

In the future, everyone will be moved on to Universal Credit through a process called . At the moment, the plans to complete for most people by March 2025. People who get ESA and don't get tax credits will be moved to Universal Credit by 2028.

If you've received a migration notice letter, see our guide on Universal Credit Migration Notice.

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