The Turn2us Helpline

We have a phone number for those of us who find it difficult to go online. The Turn2us Helpline can do benefits calculations and grants searches if you are unable to access our website.


The Turn2us helpline 

Turn2us is a national charity offering information and support to people experiencing financial insecurity.  

There is lots of information on our website that could be helpful to you, including our free Benefits Calculator and Grant Search. These can help you find out what support you may be eligible for, including welfare benefits or charitable grants you don’t have to pay back. There is a webchat option on our website if you have any questions. 

If you need help with any of the above and don’t have access to the internet, or need support using our website, please call 0808 802 2000 to speak to one of our helpline team.

What our helpline offers:   

  • Help to find out what benefits you could receive  
  • Help to find grants you could apply for  
  • Help to find other charities and advisors who can help you complete a benefits application or advise on debt, housing, legal and other issues  
  • Web chat for help with using our tools 

What to expect when you call the Turn2us helpline   

Not everyone can go online or use devices like computers, laptops or smartphones. We want everyone facing financial difficulties to be able to get the help available to them.   

We can support you over the phone by using the Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Turn2us Grant Search on your behalf. We can then email the information that we find.   

If you need support from other charities and organisations, we can provide information on services that may be able to help.  

If you don’t speak English or it is not your first language, we can use a translation service to make sure you get the help available to you. Just let the call handler know when you are connected.  

Contacting the helpline   

The helpline answers calls from 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday-Friday. The number to call is 0808 802 2000. 

The helpline answers calls and online chat messages only, we do not provide an in-person service. 

All calls are free from a UK landline and from most mobiles. If you are calling from a mobile, please check with your network provider. Or please use our contact form  

Please note that we are experiencing high volumes of calls at the moment and waiting times vary. Thank you for your understanding. 

A Text Relay service is available for those who are deaf or have hearing loss.  

 Services we are unable to provide:  

This is an information line and unfortunately our call handlers are unable to: 

  •  Advocate on your behalf 
  • Provide emotional support 
  • Change benefit decisions 
  • Offer advice and appeals 
  • Provide emergency payments 

Our team can put callers in touch with other organisations that can help with these things, and you can also find this information on our website using our find an advisor tool. 

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