Qualifying young person

You're a 'qualifying young person' if you're aged 16 or over but under 20 and one of the conditions applies:

  • you are on a course of full time 'non-advanced education', or are doing 'approved training' and you began that education or training before you reach 19, or
  • you are aged 16, have left 'relevant education' or training, and the 31 August following your sixteenth birthday has not yet passed, or
  • you are aged 16 or 17, have left education or training, are registered for work, education, or training, are not in paid work and are still within your extension period (20 weeks from first Monday after you finish education or training), or
  • you have finished a course of full-time non-advanced education, but are enrolled on another course (other than one provided as a result of your employment), or
  • you have left 'relevant education' or 'approved training' but have not yet passed your terminal date (specific end date for Child Benefit after a qualifying young person stops education or training; this is the first of these dates that passes after the young person has left relevant education: last day of February, 31 May, 31 August, or 30 November). This does not apply if the young person has started a job.