Turn2us Intermediaries User Guide - Accessing your clients

Last reviewed 01 September 2023

Accessing your clients

After logging into your Turn2us Intermediary Account, you can add clients to your records. You will be able to save details of your client's benefits calculations and grants searches.

To access your saved clients, click My Turn2us on the main navigation bar, then click 'clients'. Scroll down to add a new client.

If you click 'View client details', a page containing information about the client will appear. The clients name will not be displayed. You can check it by clicking 'Show client name'.

On this page, there are various potions you can choose:

  • Client notes

  • Grants Searches

  • Benefit calculations

  • Edit Client

  • Delete Client.


You can send and receive messages through your Turn2us Intermediaries Account.

To access the Messages page, hover over the 'My Turn2us' option on the main navigation bar and click 'Messages'.

You can delete or archive messages by clicking the tick box by the relevant message. You can view archived messages by clicking the Archive option at the top.


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