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Learn about our user-centred tools for organisations, to help you support people in financial need.

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Every year, the Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Grants Search help millions of people across the UK to build the financial security they need to thrive. Turn2us tools can help your organisation support people experiencing financial insecurity and hardship. 

More than 30 organisations across the UK have integrated our Benefits Calculator and Grants Search to their websites. This gives their users more options in times of crisis and empowers them to find the help they need.  

Why use our products?

The Turn2us Benefits Calculator and Grants Search are designed in collaboration with our service users and kept up to date by our in-house benefits specialists to reflect all legislation changes.

The tools are free to use and anonymous - no need to create user accounts or share personal data with third parties. 

Benefits Calculator 

Empower your users to identify and claim the benefits they are entitled to.  

Updated by experts

Maintained by our digital team and welfare benefits specialists to reflect legislation changes. 

Intuitive and simple 

Simple, accurate and user-friendly, the Benefits Calculator can be accessed via mobile and web.  

User centred

We designed the Benefits Calculator in collaboration with service users. It works for a broad range of people and circumstances.  

Committed and compassionate 

Developed by a charity with 125 years’ of supporting people in financial need.  

A wide range of benefits  

Includes Universal Credit, savings and guarantee Pension Credit, Council Tax Support, Rate Relief, Carers Allowance, Carers Allowance Supplement, Child Benefit, Income Support, income-related ESA, income-based JSA, Support for Mortgage Interest Loan, Housing Benefit, Tax Credits, Scottish Child Payment, New Style ESA and New Style JSA.  

It also identifies entitlement to Healthy Start and Best Start food vouchers and can identify people who may be eligible for Discretionary Housing Payments. 

Universal Credit Breakdown 

Shows how your Universal Credit has been worked out. The calculator displays each element and each deduction, explaining what the element or deduction is and how it has been calculated. 

We want to encourage our residents to self-serve and be able to take control of their finances and being able to access the calculator provides them with a means to do this.

Lambeth Council

The calculator has been a great success, not only in helping a much greater volume of families to access the support but also enabling our telephone resources to be there for those who have difficulties online.

Family Fund

It is quick and reliable - whatever the client's financial situation, it helps them make critical decisions about their income at a time that suits them.

Durham County Carers Support

Grants Search

Use our Grants Search to check if your service users are eligible for a cash grant. 

Over 1400 grants

Explore a range of grants available to people based on occupation, where they live, and more. 


Our grants search lists only registered charities, so can be trusted by your service users.

More than financial help 

Find grant programmes which come with integrated debt advice and mental health support.

Easy to use

The tool is intuitive and easy to navigate with tips and signposting.

5 years ago, we had paper lists of charities - we were copying and sending several lists out a day by Royal Mail. Now, we signpost parents to the Grants Search in our email and chat responses, on the phone and on social - we very rarely send out paper lists.

Contact (for families with disabled children)

The grants search tool has enabled us to directly help financially vulnerable customers rather than having to refer them elsewhere. And we've been able to demonstrate to other stakeholders that we are adding real value by putting people in touch with the help they need.

Consumer Council for Water

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