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Over £2.1bn of benefits unclaimed by Londoners

  • 16/10/2019

This article is over a year old

A complex, hostile and intimidating system stops people from claiming

London bus in rain

People across London are not claiming the benefits they are entitled to and are missing out on at least £2.1bn of welfare benefits.

This figure only includes Pension Credit; Housing Benefit; Employment and Support Allowance (ESA); Income Support; Child Tax Credit; and Working Tax Credit. It does not include unclaimed statistics for other benefits such as Universal Credit, Child Benefit and Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Many people have told us that the reason they don't claim what they are entitled to is because the system is too complicated and daunting.

Pension Credit

  • £455,000,000 is unclaimed by Londoners each year
  • Average household missing out is losing £2,500 a year

Housing Benefit

  • £546,000,000 is unclaimed by Londoners each year
  • Average household missing out is losing £3,000 a year

Employment & Support Allowance and Income Support

  • £312,000,000 is unclaimed by Londoners each year
  • Average household missing out is losing £4,500 a year

Tax Credits

  • £468,000,000 of Child Tax Credit is unclaimed by Londoners each year
  • £507,000,000 of Working Tax Credit is unclaimed by Londoners each year

Sara Willcocks, Head of Communications at Turn2us, says:

“Over two million Londoners are living in poverty. The complex welfare system stops many people from accessing the support they are entitled to.

“The unwelcoming environment experienced by claimants threatens to undermine our social security safety net. This leaves many without the support they need.  It is important that we create an open and compassionate welfare state, which is as integral to our society as the NHS is. 

“We encourage anyone who is struggling with money to visit our website, or call our helpline, to find out what help they are eligible for and how they can go about accessing it.”

Simran O’Shea, Community Champion volunteer for London at Turn2us, says:

"From my volunteering experiences, I have met so many people who are needlessly suffering. The financial support systems in place are challenging to navigate and many people feel as though they are not aware of all the options they have. 

“But this problem is avoidable. At Turn2us, we provide the help and information that many people need. Events like the London Challenge Poverty Week are essential in striking up a conversation and raising awareness of the issues that many Londoners face."

To find out what you are entitled to you can use the Turn2us Benefits Calculator.

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