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Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us to come together

  • 01/05/2015
  • Author:bridgetmccall

This article is over a year old

Find out more about the name change between Turn2us and parent charity Elizabeth Finn Care which will take place on 18 May.

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Turn2us and parent charity Elizabeth Finn Care have announced that they will come together under one brand later this month. The move will involve all parts of the charity coming under the Turn2us name and is part of a broader move to integrate the support provided by the 118 year old charity. Last year we helped over 3.8 million people who used Turn2us and through Elizabeth Finn Care we awarded over £3 million in direct grants.

Chief Executive Simon Hopkins commented: “This is a great opportunity for the charity to push its support out to more people in financial difficulty. Turn2us is used by millions and by refreshing the brand in this way we can be even clearer about what support we can offer to those who need us as well as those who support our work.”

Operations Director Alison Taylor commented: "Turn2us will continue to provide support through our Benefits Calculator and Grant Search tool but this move will also allow us to develop help in other areas too. By allowing Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us to come under one single brand we can do more to help those living in financial hardship.”

Further details to be announced shortly.

Date of publication; 1 May 2015

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