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Budgeting Loan/Advance - Can I get a Budgeting Loan/Advance?

Find out more about Budgeting Loan/Advances.

Can I get a Budgeting Loan/Advance?

You can only get a Budgeting Loan if, on the day you apply and then when your claim is assessed, you are getting:

You can get a Budgeting Advance if, on the day you apply, you are getting Universal Credit and have income below a maximum threshold;

  • If you're single, you can only get a budgeting advance if your earnings in the six months period before you apply for the advance are £2,600 or less.

  • If you're in a couple, you can only get a budgeting advance if your and your partner's earnings in the six month period before you apply for the advance are £3,600 or less.

Qualifying period

You must have been receiving one of these benefits above, or have been the partner of someone receiving one of these benefits, for at least 26 weeks (breaks of up to 28 days are ignored).

In the case of Universal Credit, time spent on one of the other benefits mentioned above, immediately before moving to Universal Credit, will count towards the 26 weeks. Also, to maintain work incentives, the 26 week requirement does not apply if the expense for which a Budgeting Advance is required is necessary for getting or keeping employment.

Savings Limit

You cannot get a full Budgeting Loan if you (or your partner) have more than £1,000 in savings. This amount is £2,000 if you (or your partner) are over 62 year's old.

For Budgeting Advances you cannot get a full advance if you (or your partner) have more than £1,000 savings.

A decision is made on whether you can have a Budgeting Loan/Advance by looking at:

  • Your circumstances, and

  • Any existing Budgeting Loan/Advance you owe, and

  • Your savings, and

  • Your ability to pay back the Budgeting Loan/Advance.

You will not be eligible for a Budgeting Advance if you have an earlier Budgeting Loan or Budgeting Advance that has not been fully repaid.

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