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Full time students and benefits - How much Universal Credit will I get?

Find out more about the definition of a full-time student for benefit purposes and whether you can claim any benefits or tax credits

How much Universal Credit will I get?

Universal Credit includes amounts for

  • Basic expenses
  • Housing costs
  • Children
  • Disabilities

Universal Credit will be calculated based on your income. This will include your income from student loans for maintenance and student grants.

If you could get a student loan for maintenance but do not claim it, your Universal Credit will be calculated as if you had been given the loan.

Universal Credit is calculated monthly but student loans are paid every term. This can make it hard to calculate how much Universal Credit you should get. Your student loan should be averaged out across the academic year and £110 per month should be ignored. Some types of maintenance grants should be ignored when working out Universal Credit. You will not usually receive detailed information from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on how your student income has been treated, and this is a complicated area where the DWP makes mistakes. If you are getting Universal Credit and student income, it would be a good idea to get help from an adviser to see how much should be deducted from your Universal Credit.. 

Reviewed: November 2021

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