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Statutory Sick Pay - Can I get Statutory Sick Pay?

Statutory Sick Pay is money paid to you by your employer if you are sick and unable to work.

Can I get Statutory Sick Pay?

Most employees get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), including part-time workers, agency workers and workers on a fixed-term contract.

You must earn an average of at least £123 a week to qualify. If you do not earn enough to qualify, or if you are self employed, then you could claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) instead.

You usually have to have been sick for at least four days to be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay. If you are sick with coronavirus or are required to self isolate after coming in contact with someone with coronavirus, you can get SSP from your first day of absence. 

If you have already received SSP for 28 weeks from your employer, you won't be able to get it again unless you have been back at work for at least eight weeks.

Updated: April 2022

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