Statutory Sick Pay - How much Statutory Sick Pay will I get?

Statutory Sick Pay is money paid to you by your employer if you are sick and unable to work.

Last reviewed 08 April 2024

How much Statutory Sick Pay will I get?

Statutory Sick Pay is a fixed amount of £116.75 a week.

You may get more sick pay on top of this if contractual sick pay is included in your contract of employment.

If you are getting Statutory Sick Pay, you could get Universal Credit to top up your income depending on your circumstances. Use our Benefits Calculator to check how much Universal Credit you could get.

You can get Statutory Sick Pay for up to 28 weeks of sickness. After that, if you still cannot work, you can claim Employment and Support Allowance.

Benefit Cap

Statutory Sick Pay is not included in the Benefit Cap which limits the total amount in some benefits that working-age people can receive.

How will I be paid Statutory Sick Pay?

Your employer pays Statutory Sick Pay in the same way and at the same time as your wages are normally paid, for example, weekly or monthly.

Statutory Sick Pay and other benefits

Statutory Sick Pay counts in full as income when calculating your entitlement to other .


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