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Universal Credit (UC) housing costs element - Universal Credit (UC): How much will I get? I'm a social tenant

Universal Credit (UC) housing costs element can help with rent and some service charges if you are a tenant.

Universal Credit (UC): How much will I get? I'm a social tenant

Your housing costs element will be based on your eligible rent. However, a size restriction is applied when calculating your award. This means that your eligible rent may not be taken into account in full if it's considered you have more bedrooms than your household actually needs.

You are allowed one bedroom for each category shown below:

  • each adult couple
  • each person over 16
  • two children of the same sex under 16
  • two children under 10, regardless of their sex
  • any other child
  • an overnight carer you need but who doesn't normally live with you.

If your home is considered to be too big for you, your eligible rent which is used for the calculation will be reduced by:

  • 14% if you have one spare bedroom
  • 25% if you have two or more spare bedrooms.

Households protected from this reduction:

  • Foster carers who have had a child placed with them, or have registered as a carer, in the last 12 months
  • Parents of armed forces personnel while their child is away on duty
  • Parents of a severely disabled child unable to share a room with a sibling


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