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How your donation helps

Your support can help people through the bad times so that they can get their life back on track and plan for the future.


Anybody's life can turn upside as a result of a job loss, relationship breakdown or illness. Events such as these often trap people in poverty.

By raising money for Turn2us, you will be giving much needed support to individuals and families who are struggling with a financial crisis.

Your support will help provide financial safety nets, such as charitable grants, so that anyone at risk of being pulled into poverty can help take back control and rebuild their life.

How your donation could help

  • £20 could fund two calls to our helpline from someone who is in distress due to an immediate financial crisis

  • £70 could enable a helpline advisor to answer 132 calls

Making a donation, whether large or small, means you'll be making sure people get the support they and their families need.

Your gift will make a huge difference to them, and their loved ones.

Thank you.

Reviewed: February 2020

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Your donations mean we can support more people to break the cycle of poverty.

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