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Co-production and involvement at Turn2Us

We recognise the value of lived experience of financial hardship. We pay people with lived expertise to help develop our work with us. We call this co-production and involvement.

Want to know more about our approach?

Our approach to co-production and involvement is explained fully in our framework. 

Our purpose

We co-produce our work, so that we learn from one another, and so that we can combine the power of Turn2us with the collective power of people with lived experience.

Explore our framework here.

Watch our short video below. 

Video by Abby Bird

How did we create the framework? 

We created our co-production framework following the 4pi National Standards on Involvement from the National Survivors User Network, a UK's only mental health charity who centre the survivor and lived experience voice.



" I helped on the revamp of the Benefits Calculator 2 providing  co-producing team input . It was exhilaratingly creative being part of a wonderful project”- Robin

" Working on the impact and programmes group gave me the confidence to apply for employment and I am now working for the first time in six years”-Nia 

"I have been working with Turn2us for a long time and we started with benefit calculator. We changed the whole entire setup and we come up with the most easiest way to look what you are entitled to get from benefits. We made sure that at the words we have used for the benefit calculator should be easy to understand for all    - Syeda


Get involved

We are always looking for more people with a lived experience of financial hardship to work with. 

If you’d be interested in working with Turn2us in the future, please send an email to, to let us know.