Blue Badge scheme extended


The Blue Badge scheme, which helps people with disabilities park closer to their destinations, is going to be extended to people with hidden conditions.

The new criteria will extend eligibility to people who:

  • Cannot undertake a journey without there being a risk of serious harm to their health or safety, or that of any other person
  • Cannot undertake a journey without it causing them considerable psychological distress
  • Have very considerable difficulty when walking (both the physical act and experience of walking).

The change should come into effect from early next year.

Millions of people with hidden disabilities, including autism and mental health conditions, are expected to benefit from the new rules.

About 2.4 million people currently have Blue Badges in England.

Pritie Billimoria, Head of Communications at Turn2us, said: “A Blue Badge can be a lifeline for people who struggle to leave the house, whether it’s due to a physical or mental disability.

“Extending this scheme may prevent increased isolation, help reduce anxieties and generally make a life a bit easier for the people who need it in their day to day lives.”

Find out if you are eligible for a Blue Badge.