Shakti Women’s Aid receives £10,000 from Turn2us Edinburgh Trust, to support women and children coping with high cost of living

Funds raised through the Edinburgh Trust's 'Keeping Edinburgh Warm' campaign will be distributed by Shakti to the women they support.

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The Turn2us Edinburgh Trust gives £10,000 in individual grants to Shakti Women’s Aid as part of an ongoing collaboration to help women and children afford the higher cost of living. 

The money comes from donations to the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust, a fund offering support to people who are struggling financially in the city. Working with and through partners, the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust relies on the compassion and generosity of local people who donate, and works in collaboration with other organisations to move towards the shared mission of ending poverty in Edinburgh by 2030.  

Shakti Women’s Aid is a vital organisation dedicated to supporting Black minority ethnic women and their children fleeing domestic abuse in Edinburgh. 

The £10,000 funds, raised through the Edinburgh Trust's "Keeping Edinburgh Warm" campaign, is being distributed by Shakti to the women they support, to help them meet their essential living costs over the coming months.

The "Keeping Edinburgh Warm" campaign, launched in October 2022,captured the warmth of the Edinburgh community, drawing generous contributions and support from citizens across the city totalling more than £10,000 so far. This latest funding award being distributed by Shakti, will now provide direct financial support to one of Edinburgh’s communities most affected by the rising cost of living.   

The partnership between the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust and Shakti marks a significant step towards breaking down barriers faced by Edinburgh citizens, especially those in the community who may be dealing with immigration challenges, including language barriers, lack of family support, racism and having what is known as no recourse to public funds (NRPF).  

By joining forces, both organisations strive to ensure the community's resilient women and their children in Edinburgh, particularly Edinburgh citizens who have limited access to financial resources, receive much-needed support during challenging times. 

Shakti has long been at the forefront of critical assistance to women and children facing challenging circumstances. By offering a helping hand to individuals confronted with domestic abuse, Shakti offers a safe space for some of the worst affected members of the Edinburgh community. 

With the funds contributed by Edinburgh Trust's campaign, Shakti can provide crucial and timely financial support to ensure people can heat their water and their homes and keep food in their fridge. Having these essential needs met enables Shakti to focus on their core work offering critical resources, including:  

  • secure accommodation 
  • counselling services 
  • legal aid,  
  • education opportunities,  

This helps to empower women and children to rebuild their lives free from violence and fear. 

Hannah Lawson, Edinburgh Trust Manager, says; “We’re honoured to be partnered with Shakti and stand committed to providing support that allows Shakti to continue their invaluable work. Together, we aim to create an environment where every community member in Edinburgh thrives, regardless of the challenges they may face. 

“Edinburgh Trust and Shakti send a powerful message to our communities through this partnership. When people unite for a common cause, they have the power to effect real change and make a vital positive impact.  

“Edinburgh Trust looks forward to a future of continued community engagement and support, we express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the "Keeping Edinburgh Warm" fund. The generosity of our community has helped pave the way for a brighter and safer future for citizens across Edinburgh.”  

The Turn2us Edinburgh Trust fundraising campaign "Keeping Edinburgh Warm" continues as the continued high cost of living impacts communities in Edinburgh. The support received is essential in ensuring Turn2us Edinburgh Trust continues to strengthen communities and work in co-production with partners to end poverty in Edinburgh.

If you can, please donate to the Keeping Edinburgh Warm fund.

Visit the Edinburgh Trust's page to hear more about our initiatives and future campaigns.

For inquiries and support for Shakti, please visit Shakti's website