Grants Spotlight January 2016


This month, our Grants Spotlight is on the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) which helps children of parents who work or have previously worked in the UK fashion and textiles industries. This includes regular clothes shops, department stores and supermarkets that sell clothing, like Tesco or Asda.
The FTCT helps hundreds of families every year with grants to support their children (aged 0-18 years). The grants start at £250 and can provide one-off or part payment for a range of items, including school uniforms, other clothing and shoes.
FTCT is a small and friendly team which means you don’t have to explain your situation over and over again. If the charity can’t help you, the team will always signpost you to someone who can. And with no application deadlines and only one simple form to fill in, getting help from FTCT is quick and simple.

Jo’s story

Jo, who works part-time at Tesco, is one parent who was recently helped by FTCT.

She said: “The grants given by FTCT are so important for families on a low income. When all of your money is going on rent and food, it’s impossible to afford essential items. I contacted FTCT to seek help for a new kitchen table, along with essential clothing and a wardrobe for my daughter.
“The process of getting a grant from FTCT was surprisingly easy. Giving the charity the information they needed and waiting for the decision went smoothly and very quickly.”
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