Turn2us Grants Evaluation


Receiving direct financial help when people need it most can have a profound impact on their lives - giving someone the financial resources they need provides immediate relief and reduces anxiety so that they can plan for the future with dignity.

In order to continually improve how we help people, leading researcher’s nfpSyngery evaluated Turn2us’ direct grant-giving services.

They looked at the impact of the Elizabeth Finn Fund and the Turn2us Response Fund. The final report was a huge endorsement of the funds’ impact, reinforcing key elements that make Turn2us stand out in the charity sector:

  • That Turn2us cash grants are hugely valued - giving people the flexibility of how to spend them and the dignity of control during a difficult time
  • That the emotional impact of receiving a grant can be just as important as the grant itself
  • That while the impact of a grant is typically short term, very often it coincides with no further negative decline in people’ ‘poverty journey’

The report also highlighted the vital role that friends, family and frontline agencies play in helping people access grants, reinforcing the need to continue to work alongside frontline agencies to refer people to us for help.

Based on the research findings and recommendations we have developed an action plan. In the coming six to 12 months, Turn2us will:

  • Continue what we do well – give cash grants and ensure high standards
  • Explore and test how we can extend our support beyond grant giving
  • Put in place a framework to better capture the impact of our work
  • Improve our communication with people we provide help to and frontline agencies
  • Build and strengthen partnerships, current and new.

Read the full summary of the nfpsynergy research into Turn2us' grant-giving services (Word file)