Adult Disability Payment - How do I challenge an Adult Disability Payment decision?

Adult Disability Payment is a new benefit for adults with disabilities who live in Scotland.

Last reviewed 05 December 2023

How do I challenge an Adult Disability Payment decision?

By law, the letter needs to give clear and accessible guidance and explanations to you about the decision that’s been made.

It will also tell you what to do if you do not agree with the decision. 

There's a two-stage process to challenge a decision.

Stage 1 - Re-determination

You have 42 days (6 weeks) to request a re-determination. Sometimes Social Security Scotland will accept re-determination requests made late if you provide a good reason. 

When Social Security Scotland get your re-determination request, they’ll let you know they have it and how long they have to make a new decision.

You can request a re-determination:

Stage 2 - Appeal

You can only request an appeal if you have received a re-determination (or Stage 1) decision and you disagree with it. You can also appeal if you don't get a re-determination decision in time.

Your appeal request will be sent to the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland. They are totally independent from Social Security Scotland. They will look at your request and make a decision on your appeal.

You can request an appeal within 31 days of getting a re-determination decision or if they have not been able to make their re-determination decision in time. If you request an appeal more than 31 days after getting this letter, you should explain the reasons why you have not requested an appeal sooner. The First-tier Tribunal for Scotland will decide if they can accept your request.

You can request an appeal:

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