Best Start Grants Scotland - What is a Best Start Grant?

Grants for babies and children in Scotland

Last reviewed 01 April 2020

Applies to: Scotland

The Best Start Grant is a set of grants offered to support people living in Scotland to help with the expenses of having a young child.

The Best Start Grant is made up of a Pregnancy and Baby Payment, an Early Learning Payment and a School Age Payment.

The Pregnancy and Baby Payment has replaced the Sure Start Maternity Grant for people who live in Scotland.

The rules on who qualifies for a Pregnancy and Baby Payment are different from the rules on the Sure Start Maternity Grant.

The Best Start Grants are grants. You will not have to pay them back. They will not affect your other benefits.

They are intended to cover the costs of having a new baby or a young child. However, there are no rules on how you decide to spend the money.

If you do not live in Scotland, you will not be able to claim a Pregnancy and Baby Payment. You might, however, be able to claim a Sure Start Maternity Grant. There is no equivalent of the Early Learning Payment or School Age Payment for people who do not live in Scotland.


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