Best Start Grants Scotland - How do I claim a Best Start Grant?

Grants for babies and children in Scotland

Last reviewed 02 April 2024

How do I claim a Best Start Grant?

Applies to: Scotland

You can claim a Best Start Grant online on the website.

You can also make a claim over the phone on 0800 182 2222.

If you are claiming a Pregnancy and Baby payment and an Early Learning Payment because you have children who are the right age for both of these grants you only need to fill the form in once.

If you're getting Scottish Child Payment, the government will automatically check if you're entitled to an Early Learning Payment and a School Age Payment. 

You will need to make a new claim for the next set of grants, so for example if you claim a Pregnancy and Baby Payment when your child is born, when that child turns two you will need to make a new claim to get the Early Learning Payment.


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