Child Tax Credit - How much Child Tax Credit will I get?

Child Tax Credit is paid to help people with the costs of bringing up a child. It is being replaced by Universal Credit so only some people can still claim Child Tax Credit.

Last reviewed 06 April 2024

How much Child Tax Credit will I get?

It is complicated to work out how much Child Tax Credit you might get.

A maximum amount is made up of different parts based on your personal circumstances:

  • Family Element if you are responsible for a child or born before 6 April 2017
  • Child Element for your first and second child or (and any other children born before 6 April 2017 or who qualify for an )
  • Disabled Child Element if your child or is disabled (paid at either the disabled child rate or severely disabled child rate depending on what disability benefits you receive for your child).

This amount is then compared to your annual income. Savings do not affect your claim but interest from savings is included as income.

Our Benefits Calculator can calculate how much Child Tax Credit you may be entitled to.

Benefit Cap

Child Tax Credit is included in the Benefit Cap which limits the total amount in some benefits that working-age people can receive. See our Benefit Cap guide.

Two Child Limit

From 6 April 2017, the number of Child Elements that are included in your Child Tax Credit is limited to two children for children born on or after 6 April 2017. You will get the child element for all children born before 6 April 2017.

If you have or become responsible for a third (or more) child born on or after 6 April 2017, you will not get a Child Element for them unless an exception applies - see our information on  .

If you think an exception might apply, you should claim it as soon as possible, as HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) say they will only backdate it one month from when you tell them an exception applies.

Remember to tell HMRC about all of your children even if you will not receive a Child Element for them. You may still get other elements for them like the Disabled Child Element or the Childcare Element of Working Tax Credit.

How will I be paid Child Tax Credit?

Child Tax Credit will be paid directly into your bank, building society or through the Payment Exception Service if you are unable to open or manage one of these or a similar account.

Child Tax Credit is usually paid every four weeks. However, you can ask HMRC to pay it to you weekly.

Child Tax Credit and other benefits

Child Tax Credit will not reduce the amount you get for:

Child Tax Credit only counts as income for Housing Benefit if you are not getting any of the above benefits.

You cannot get Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit at the same time.


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