Cold Weather Payment - How do I challenge a Cold Weather Payment decision?

A Cold Weather Payment is money to help with fuel costs when the weather is very cold

Last reviewed 21 February 2023

How do I challenge a Cold Weather Payment decision?

If you disagree with the decision made on your claim you can usually ask for it to be looked at again. This is known as a ' '. The DWP will look again at the decision. They will either tell you that the decision has stayed the same, or they will tell you they have changed their decision. If you still disagree with the decision you can then appeal to an independent tribunal.

The time limits are strict, you will usually be given one month to dispute a decision, so it is important to seek advice and act quickly.

See our guide to challenging decisions which includes the different process for challenging decisions in Northern Ireland: Challenging Department of Work and Pensions Benefit Decisions 


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