Complaints about your benefits claim - Who do I complain to?

This guide explains how to complain about your benefit claim - and when you should use a different process to get the outcome you want

Last reviewed 25 April 2024

Who do I complain to?

You should make your complaint to the office that caused the problem. This could be the department that dealt with your claim or it could be a different place where you made an enquiry and got advice. It could be one of the following:

You may be able to complain informally by talking to a manager at the relevant local office, or just to a member of staff. Make sure you take a note of the name of the person you speak to.

If this does not sort out the problem, you may need to put the complaint in writing. Make sure you keep a copy before sending your complaint.

Most organisations have their own internal complaints procedure that should be available on request. There will usually be a customer service manager or equivalent who acts as a point of contact for complaints. There will then be further formal stages for dealing with the complaint.


Updated: June 2022


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