Disability Living Allowance (DLA) - children - Can my child get DLA?

Disability Living Allowance is money for children who have care needs or mobility needs (difficulty getting around).

Last reviewed 24 July 2023

Can my child get DLA?

Your child cannot get DLA if you live in Scotland. In Scotland, you should claim Child Disability Payment instead.

Care needs

Your child has care needs if they need help with ‘bodily functions’, for example, eating, washing, getting dressed and going to the toilet. These care needs can also include help which allows your child to take part in social activities.

Your child has to need more care and attention than other children of the same age.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

If your doctors say that your child is and reasonably expected to die within twelve months, there are special rules to help you automatically get the highest rate of care component of DLA. 

To claim under the special rules in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will need a SR1 form to be completed by your doctor or another health professional.

Special rules do not let you get the mobility component automatically. So you would have to fill out the mobility activities part of the claim form and attend a medical assessment to get the mobility component.

Mobility needs

Your child has mobility needs if they cannot walk outdoors or go on an unfamiliar route without guidance or supervision from someone else. For example, this might apply if your child is blind, is unable to walk or has a lot of difficulty walking.  Your child may also be treated as having mobility needs if they have severe learning difficulties or severe behavioural problems.

You cannot claim the mobility part of Disability Living Allowance before your child reaches the age of three (for the higher rate) or five (for the lower rate).


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