Funeral Support Payment - Scotland - How much Funeral Support Payment Scotland will I get?

Help to pay for funerals for people who live in Scotland

Last reviewed 08 April 2024

How much Funeral Support Payment Scotland will I get?

Funeral Support Payment comes in two parts:

  • An amount for the necessary expenses for the funeral. This includes things like:

    • Burial plot

    • Cremation/burial fees

    • Medical costs for certain medical procedures needed before the funeral can go ahead. For example, if a pacemaker needs to be removed before the person who died can be cremated. The fixed amount you can get for medical costs is £25.35.

    • Transporting the body (only for journeys over 49.7 miles)

    • Return journey for the person making arrangements for the funeral.

  • A payment towards any other funeral expenses. This is £1,257.75 or £153.50 if the person who has died had a pre-paid funeral plan. 

If the person who has died left any assets that could be used to pay for the funeral, there will be a deduction from the Funeral Support Payment. This is because the funeral is expected to be paid for out of their assets first. This is also the case if they had a pre-paid funeral plan or if they were entitled to a funeral grant through a war disablement pension.


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